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Stay on the ball February 17, 2008

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This is going to be the most funny and entertaining web site You might ever see.This will have fun games,small shows, pictures,and more.Here I’ll show you a show.

Sorry there are some things not working corectly i will try fix them asap

You can find this and many more shows like this on the vidieo  page in my site.Here I  will show you a picture.I’ll show you a moving o0ne and a non-moving one.

                     Moving naruto.gif naruto image by s8er_240 naruto Naruto you can find this in the moving pictures page

Non-movingnaruto.jpg naruto image by Coqui90

You can find this in the  pictures page on my site

As you see there many fun things on this site. I would show you a game but I’ll save that for later.How do you like it so far Is it awsome.Or if you don’t like it  try looking at the rest of the site and see what you think.

Stay on the ball! off topicclosedlooolSparta

if you like this site go to rocklee.wordpress.com